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MetLife offers solutions and guidance to help customers meet their goals and navigate life's twists and turns.

Navigating Life Together

We're changing the way we do business to become the trusted partner you need.


Meet our Board of Directors and Executive Officers and see how we stand apart as a leading provider of employee benefits and insurance.


We are committed to giving people, families, and communities what they need to adapt to their changing world.

Promoting Diversity to community and suppliers
Diversity and Inclusion
  • See how we promote and nurture diversity in our community and our suppliers.
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looking forward for financial strength and Credit Ratings
Company Ratings
  • See MetLife's financial strength and credit ratings.
  • Ratings are current for MetLife, Inc. and subsidiaries.
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Investor Relations
  • Get stock quotes (20+ min delay), earnings releases and shareholder services information.

More About Us

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Fraud Awareness

MetLife has implemented a program aimed at deterring, detecting, investigating and prosecuting insurance fraud.

MetLife’s Real People Making Real Impact series

Learn how real people are making real impact in our workplace, in our communities and for the planet.

Careers at MetLife

Become part of a world-class team bursting with passion and innovation. At MetLife, we challenge our employees to find purpose in their work and make an impact each and every day.

MetLife Foundation

Our mission of financial inclusion offers more people across the globe access to the financial services they need to build better lives.

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