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We understand the emotional and financial stress that can arise from uncertainty over your medical coverage.

We offer insurance products and services to help ease the high cost of healthcare — and offer broad protection from unexpected medical bills.

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ID cards are not required to obtain dental services.

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Dental Insurance Customer Service

Connect with us to find out more about group dental benefits.

CALL: 1-800-942-0854 | Inquiry Form

Vision Insurance Customer Service

Connect with us to find out more about group vision benefits.

CALL: 1-855-638-3931

Disability Insurance Customer Service

For policies purchased on your own
CALL: 1-800-929-1492

For policies purchased through your employer
CALL: 1-800-858-6506

Please download a form and return it to SafeGuard.

Please send completed form(s) to:

c/o Quality Management Department
P. O. Box 3532
Laguna Hills, CA 92654-3532

Protecting your health

With a family history of cancer, Carri shares advice on why supplemental insurance should be part of your financial planning and budgeting.


Between copays, deductibles, and surprise bills, more of the financial burden is being put on individuals and families each year.



How can we redefine staying active as we age?

Some may think the ability to participate in physical activity decreases with age — athletes in their 40's and 50's are disproving that myth.